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“I have been working with Penny for 2 months now and I can feel a massive change that has happened already inside me on multiple levels, so much physical as emotional. With Pilates sessions we have managed to put on track my pelvic floor, so disregarded after I gave birth 2 years ago, while "ballet class" (that i enjoy like crazy btw) seems to be fixing my very long term knee injury. I think Penny is an awesome instructor and she is not only very wise professional but also a great companion to do your work outs with, a person full of joy, passion, patience and empathy. I feel very lucky to find her and to be training with. " Alex Woolf Ciechanowska 💪

"I have been practising Pilates one to one with Penny for the last year both pre and post natal. Now my son is one year old and likes to join in, the lesson can be a challenge but Penny is both patient and understanding. Her lessons are challenging yet also relaxing. If there is a particular focus I want to take, Penny will adapt her lesson accordingly and will always give the option to work harder if you want to which I like, I enjoy my lessons and would highly recommend Penny as an instructor" Katie Arnold

"Let me start off by saying that Penny is amazing. I have not been training with her for long but definitely feel and see the difference. I had dislocated my knee a while back and totally lost my confidence in exercising. At the beginning I couldn't even jump and wouldn't even try and now I'm doing small jumps and I'm even practicing! It helps that she is a Pilates instructor too. I find her to be very patient and a good listener. She creates a bespoke training session every time. I definitely recommend her services" Michelle Davis

"I’ve been doing Pilates with Penny for a few months now and I love it. Penny is an amazing, knowledgeable  teacher who has a calm approach. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement since doing Penny’s class" Kerry Liston

"Pilates training with Penny is exceptional, she takes time to think through how best to help me focus on my biggest areas of need and as such our sessions are tailored to helping me achieve the most in our 1 to 1 sessions" Emma Crabtree

"Penny is a fantastic personal trainer, I have been working with her doing one  HIIT training session over zoom and a face to face reformer session every week. She is so knowledgeable and has helped me understand my muscles, and connect with my core and pelvic floor in a safe and comfortable way. I’ve been dealing with Pelvic Floor and ab separation since having my child 20 months ago and Penny has just been amazing with helping me through this. She is so supportive, but challenging and always corrects my form and helps me do exercises absolutely perfectly!! I feel stronger, healthier and more confident about working out. I can’t wait to keep getting stronger with her" Michelle Byrne

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